Exams and finals week are the bane of every student’s academic career and can either make or break their grades. When it’s time to put their knowledge, memorization, and recall ability to the test, most – if not all – students experience an abundance of stress. It can be very difficult to cope with and some individuals may even start feeling physically ill as a result. In this month’s blog, we discuss how to deal with exam stress and nervousness.

Why Stress Builds Up

The fear and unease that comes with exams affects students of all ages. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well they prepare themselves or how long their study sessions were – there will always be that lingering panic and nervousness. This is usually due to the uncertainty of the unknown and not knowing what questions or problems that will pop up. Many also doubt their ability to perform and draw blank during test taking.

In our society, there is a great emphasis on utilizing exams to measure a person’s knowledge and abilities. While we all expect it during school or going into a job, those built up feelings of stress will always be prevalent as the testing date draws near. If an individual doesn’t know how to cope with it, it often leads to intense emotions, panic attacks, or even “breaking points”.

Over time, the built up stress will lead to lasting negative impacts on a person’s unconscious mind and result in more performance-based fears.

Hypnosis and Coping with Exam Nerves

Preparing for your exam and acing it isn’t just about how knowledgeable you are, but it also depends on your state of mind. While you may know the information to pass the test, the stress will hinder your ability to focus and concentrate. You are more likely to achieve your full potential when you feel calm, focused, and confident.

Through hypnosis, an individual will be able to control those exam nerves and reduce any fears associated with it. This allows more room for confidence and relaxation. In addition, hypnosis will defuse any self-sabotaging habits and keep clients motivated moving forward. Self-esteem and self-belief will also be restored, which leads to enhanced learning and memory recall.

Additional Tips to Calm Your Nerves 

Sometimes a little bit of stress is good for motivation, but experiencing too much stress will hinder your abilities. When you find yourself struggling with nerves during an exam week again, here are some additional tips to try out:

  • Focus on breathing techniques to calm yourself.
  • Keep a planner or schedule of your studying time.
  • Study in a peaceful and quiet environment.
  • Try working in short bursts rather than a prolonged study session to avoid fatigue.
  • Always remember to take breaks to stretch, eat, and hydrate.
  • Take a short walk if you feel restless sitting in one spot.
  • Avoid social media and other distractions.
  • Start a workout routine.
  • While college students are notorious for pulling all-nighters, try to keep a consistent and adequate sleeping schedule.

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